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S is for Safety

Posted by Michelle Allen on Fri, Jan 13, 2017 @ 05:24 PM

As we near finalizing the details of our NEW FACILITY I thought this was the perfect time for us to share how one of our priorities has been focused on enhancing our safety systems.
Here are a few of the most important things for you to understand about how and why Gemini Dogs will keep your doggie safer than ever in our new home:
- At drop-off, you will notice that there are now two doors; an exit door and an entry door. This was a must for us. Gone are the days of happening upon a dog coming out the same door you are entering! The "in" door is on the right. You'll notice a lighted awning over the entrance, to assist with safety.
- You will see that we've installed a window in the entry/exit doors. This is the second stage of our new safety system. By providing you with the ability to see through the door, you can ensure that there is not a "traffic jam" on the other side. Once you can see that the entry vestibule is clear, you'll be able to enter the facility with the confidence that you won't be setting your dog up for an unplanned greeting.
- When you step inside, you and your dog(s) will be in a secondary enclosed space (think airlock). This space is equally important to safety. It provides a safe space between the outside world and the Gemini Dogs lobby, for those slippery pups that drag the leash from your hands running to greet us! ;-)
- We train our staff (and our family members) from day one: "Close every single gate, every single time; even if you are planning to come right back through it." You will step beyond that "airlock" gate, and close it behind you, as you step up to the check-in counter.
- Once you have scanned your card (if you do not already have a membership card, please ask us for one immediately), you will hand your dog to a staff member at the entry to the doggie area. These membership scanning cards are required to be scanned at our new facility. This is perhaps the most important safety measure we are implementing. Anyone who drops off or picks up a dog will scan their card to check in and out. If we would not recognize the person who is picking up your dog, they should have that card. That card lets us know that you approve of us releasing your dog to that person. (Don't worry though...we have a backup method that you can use; just tell us the person's name, and we will request a photo ID.)
- Once we take possession of your dog's leash, he/she will enter the doggie zone; the main entrance to which is a door which swings in; this ensures that if your industrious pup gets loose within the doggie zone, he/she cannot push open that door to get into the front lobby area.
- Inside the doggie zone, we have a multitude of doors, gates, and locks that provide a layer of backup security. When moving your dog from play areas to crates, all dogs are on leash, and our staff announces every move over a walkie talkie. This provides the added layer of security for those moments when two staff members are moving dogs who may not know each other, so that they do not meet around a blind corner or in a doorway. 
Additional Safety Features (inside and outside of the new facility)
- Out in the yard, we have installed a 6-foot fence with a 2-foot angled top, which foils even the most industrious climbers/jumpers. 
- Surveillance cameras record every area of the facility as well as display to a live monitor, so that we have eyes on your dog at all times.
- All dog-to-dog introductions, as always, will be done under the watchful eye of at least three staff members, and often more!
- Groups are monitored by a trained Kennel Tech, even if there are only two docile dogs just hanging out together. Your dog will never ever be left unsupervised, regardless of how well he/she behaves. It is simply that strict of a rule. The moment two dogs are in a play area together, we are physically in the same space (not just watching, but physically present), and actively monitoring their every move.
- One of the most interesting changes in the new facility is the level of security regarding medications. We have purchased a locked, password-protected medication cart, which only certain staff members will have access to...managers and senior staff. Even then, all meds and accompanying instructions will be visually verified by a second person before being administered to your dog.
These are just a handful of the policies, processes, and procedures that we use every day here at Gemini Dogs, to keep your dog safe, healthy, and happy. Learn more by asking for a tour!

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Prepare for an Emergency with Pets

Posted by Michelle Allen on Sat, Oct 08, 2016 @ 11:43 AM

Disaster Prepardness and Disaster Response is a topic that I am intimately familiar with and have very strong feelings about...especially this week. Penny and I were supposed to pick up my parents in WV, visit our son in NC, and then meet up with my brother's family, my aunts, and my best friend in Orlando, FL as we attend a 2-day trade show and buying event for our new retail store at Gemini Dogs. you may have heard, there is a category 4 hurricane bearing down on my family and friends (who are in immediate danger) and our son is also in danger, at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejuene, NC.
My message to you is this: It can happen anywhere! New England is not without threats from ice storms, blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes, and even earthquakes. And you need to prepare NOW for that eventuality. Make a "Go Bag" for yourself and your dog(s) today. You need to have a plan for evacuation and a plan for your pets.
At Gemini Dogs, we are here for you, no matter whether your dog is a Gemini Dog or not. Current family members are always welcome to shelter at Gemini Dogs. All other doggies are welcome, but must provide a Rabies Certificate at check-in. Please tell your friends and family that we are here for their dogs (and other pets) during emergency situations.

NEVER leave pets behind. It is a federal law that states requesting FEMA assistance MUST provide emergency animal shelters! That means there are no excuses for not evacuating, no matter where you are.


To help you prepare, refer to our 4 STEPS TO PREPARE FOR AN EMERGENCY WITH PETS:



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