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How We Can Help the Displaced Dogs in NYC

Posted by Michelle Borelli on Tue, Nov 06, 2012 @ 10:00 PM

Bodhi ~ Humane Society Rescue

Thousands of pets have been displaced by Hurricane Sandy...I am sure by now that you have seen the pictures of the horrific conditions in NYC and in New Jersey. That very well could have been us; you just never know when and where something like this will happen!

As a disaster volunteer myself, I have seen what this type of disaster can do to people emotionally, and (as you can imagine) the most important thing to most of those affected is the safety of their loved ones; including their pets.

Photos like this just bring tears to my eyes. It tugs at my heart, imagining that something like this could happen to our precious pooches. So...what do we do about it?

Well, thanks to a contact that we have with the staff of Brooklyn Bark in NYC, there are a couple of things we can do! As they told us, "Too many people evacuated during Sandy have lost their homes and are facing uncertainty. Some short term situations that become available will not necessarily be pet friendly. To give these people the flexibility they may need in rebuilding their lives, we are seeking foster homes. This need is going to be continuing as evacuees move out of shelters into temporary situations over the next few weeks." 

Gemini Dogs has already offered to assist the displaced doggies by fostering any of them who need a place to stay, and we have offered to drive down to NYC and pick them up as needed.

Brooklyn Bark is also collecting items that are needed for the animals that are currently in temporary emergency shelters, and you can help by donating the following items:

  • Any Type of Unopened Dog or Cat Food
  • Any Type of Dog or Cat Treats
  • New or Gently Used Collars, Leashes, Crates, Carriers
  • New or Gently Used Bedding or Towels
  • New Toys of Any Type

You can bring your donations to Gemini Dogs anytime, and we will drive them down to NYC, where they can be distributed to the affected animals who desperately need them. After disasters like this, it is sometimes weeks and months before the people can get back to some sense of normalcy. Our thoughts are with all of the pet owners who are still searching for their companions, and we are thankful for those who escaped Sandy's path.

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