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Gemini Dogs University

Individualized day training with our CPDT-KA and KPA-CTP certified trainers to build confidence, sociability, impulse control, and focus.

Day Training

We at Gemini Dogs have always believed that you are the best trainer for your dog, but sometimes you need professional help to get results. That is why we have created the Gemini Dogs University Day Training Program.

The Gemini Dogs day training program is a great alternative to a traditional board-and-train because you still get to enjoy your dog at home on nights and weekends. It's truly the best of both worlds!

Drop them off with us for the day and we will teach your dogs new skills (as well as practice and perfect old ones) and return a mentally and physically tired (and smarter!) pup to you at the end of the day.

Gemini Dogs University takes place in our Gemini Dogs University classroom and dogs are trained on and around the Gemini Dogs facility. Gemini Dogs University is not like our Doggie Daycare program. Dogs in our University program are trained in short sessions throughout the day and are not included in our regular daycare groups. Dogs in our University program do get to play with other dogs, but in smaller groups of 2-3 with our trainers. University students are also provided with varied enrichment activities throughout the day.  

At "school", your dog will work with our CPDT-KA and KPA-CTP certified trainers to build confidence, sociability, impulse control, and focus. Your dog will have a specially-tailored, individualized learning plan. Each day will have time spent in each of the four main focus areas: Manners, Brain Building, Fitness, and Social Skills. 

The school day runs from 9am-5pm Monday through Friday. Half days are available from 9am-1pm, 11am-3pm, or 1-5pm. All dogs must start with half days.

Late pick up or early drop off may be requested, but require approval.

*Please leave your dog in the car and sign in at front desk when you drop off your dog for University.*


Ready to Sign Up?

Fill out our registration form and book an intake evaluation below. Enrollment is limited.

Once your dog has attended a University Evaluation, you will be given the password to the client portal where you can book Freshman Orientation, University days, and Parent-Teacher Conferences, and purchase Degree Packages.

Does your pup already do daycare or boarding with us? You can skip the evaluation and book an audit session here. Auditing is a great way to add a little extra mental or physical exercise to your dog's daycare or boarding stay. We can work on calm behavior coming in/out of the daycare, go for a structured walk, work on a specific issue, or even introduce them to agility equipment! 

Intake Evaluations cost $20.

How It Works

Choose from one of our programs:

Single Half Day of University ($80):

One half day (4 hours) of Gemini Dogs University. Half day hours are 9am to 1pm or 1-5pm (we offer 11am to 3pm slots on select days).

Single Day of University ($160):

One full day of Gemini Dogs University. Full day hours are 9am to 5pm.

Undergraduate Programs

Associate's Degree ($465):

Six half days of Gemini Dogs University and one 20-minute parent-teacher conference (private lesson) to be scheduled at your convenience. 

You may use these days over a period of up to three weeks.

Bachelor's Degree ($750):

Ten half days of Gemini Dogs University and one 20-minute parent-teacher conference (private lesson) to be scheduled at your convenience.

You may use these days over a period of up to five weeks.

Grad School Programs

Master's Degree ($1450):

Twenty half days of Gemini Dogs University and two 20-minute parent-teacher conferences. You may use these days over a period of up to ten weeks.

Doctorate ($2100):

Thirty half days of Gemini Dogs University and three 20-minute parent-teacher conferences. You may use these days over a period of up to twelve weeks.

All degree packages include attendence of Freshman Orientation. Freshman orientation is where you (the humans) will learn about the skills we are teaching your dogs and how to continue our work at home.

Part-time "Auditing"


Auditing Program:

15 minutes of one-on-one training with one of our trainers. Available for dogs enrolled in our regular daycare or boarding program as well as dogs who are attending training classes with us. 

$22.50 for 15 minutes of individualized training.

Add on a 20-minute parent-teacher conference at Gemini for $25 at your convenience.

For Daycare/Boarding dogs:

Book a private training session with one of our professional trainers for 15 minutes on any day your dog is scheduled for daycare/boarding.

Current Daycare/Boarding dogs do not have to participate in an Intake Evaluation. Book an audit session here.

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Behaviors Taught Include:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stand
  • Stay
  • Look
  • Touch
  • Target
  • Leave it
  • Drop It
  • Come
  • Wait
  • Off
  • Let's Go (loose leash walking)
  • Side

We also work on:

  • Polite greetings of people and dogs
  • Impulse control
  • Food bowl and doorway control
  • Accepting handling (for grooming and vet exams)
  • Not jumping
  • Walking nicely on leash
  • Staying off of furniture and counters

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Head University Instructor

Sarah is an accomplished dog agility competitor (Neptune has earned his C-ATE2, C-ATCH4, & TACH4, Penny TACH and is now retired, Pearl TACH and C-ATCH and is now retired) and is a TDAA Regional Master Judge.

She graduated from Karen Pryor Academy in 2010 and completed the KPA Puppy Start Right course for instructors in 2015.

She is an experienced Dachshund breeder and raises her puppies using Puppy Culture, a special program of age-appropriate exercises, neurological stimulation, and training designed to maximize each puppy’s potential. Her puppies are not only outstanding family pets, but have gone on to achieve success in the performance ring and some have even become service dogs.

In addition to training and competition Sarah also enjoys going hiking with her dogs.

Sarah first took classes at Gemini Dogs with her mixed breed girl in the late 90's. She then adopted Jellybean and Penny in 2005, and they started in puppy class and basic obedience, then tried Earth Dog. That’s when Penny discovered agility. By 2006, Sarah was taking agility classes with the former owner of Gemini, Carolyn Barney. She later began substitute-instructing for Carolyn's classes. Sarah also began working in the doggie daycare before July of 2007.

Sarah completed her KPA class in 2010 with Carolyn as well. She then worked for Jean McCord and Kathy Austin at Dogs! in Hudson, and later taught some pet dog classes at the Fuzzy Dog in NH for a short time. She then worked for  Crossbones Academy in Rhode Island teaching private lessons until January of 2020.

Sarah is a former Volunteer Firefighter has been a 911 dispatcher for over 20 years.


University Instructor

Jen is an emergency Certified Veterinary Technician graduating from Becker college in 2018 with a degree in Veterinary Technology and a minor in animal behavior. She discovered during her working career that dog behavior and training is just as essential to the health and well being of dogs as the actual medicine. Thus, sparking her interest into dog training.

She grew up attending various dog training classes with her family pets which inspired her to go into the animal field. She always had a fascination and love for huskies, so in 2020 she was accepted and got the opportunity to travel to Alaska to work as a veterinary technician and dog handler at the Iditarod sled dog race. There, she learned about sled dog behavior and care which helped her understand the mindset of huskies and allowed for a better basis on how to train them. She now returns every year to work the Iditarod sled dog race to expand her knowledge as well as appreciate huskies doing what they do best.

She adopted her first dog in 2020, a Siberian Husky named Denali. She began his training and discovered the world of dog sports and competition. Being a competitive softball player all her life, this was just the kind of competitiveness that she needed combined with her love and passion of dogs. After the pandemic and training classes opened again, her and Denali earned his AKC Canine Good Citizen title (CGC) then moved onto his AKC Community Canine title (CGCA).

She also competes in AKC conformation events with the goal of earning his champion title. At this time they have accomplished many points and he is AKC major pointed. Wanting to continue his obedience training after CGC, they starting his rally career. At this time, they have earned his rally novice and intermediate titles. They also compete in AKC Fast Cat (FCAT) events. 

In June 2022 she adopted her 2nd dog who is also a Siberian Husky named Kinley. Together they compete in AKC conformation and rally events as well. In conformation, Kinley has completed her Puppy of Achievement (POA) and in the 4-6month confirmation has multiple group placements as well as first in variety group. At just 6 months, she took winners bitch for a major. Also at 6 months in rally she has 2 qualifying scores to her novice title. 

Jen has a passion for helping dogs be the best they can be as well as improving the relationship between owners and their dogs. She believes in the power of training and spending time with your dog to help create the happiest life for both owners and their dogs.


University Instructor

Michelle is certified in PetSaver® CPR, First Aid & Care.

Michelle is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) and has been a part of the Gemini family since July 2011.

She has a Pit Bull named Liberty and a mini Dalmatian named Panda (CGC TKI TG1). She also lives with a three-legged Husky named Juniper. Her dogs participate in Agility, Nose Work, Rally, Obedience, FastCAT, and Dock Diving and she regularly attends seminars and classes. 

She graduated with a B.A. in Human Ecology with a focus in Animal Behavior and her senior project was on Canine Body Language and Safety. She also spent a year-and-a-half overseas, teaching English in South Korea and Vietnam. She takes her experience and love of teaching into the training classroom. She also fosters dogs for a rescue organization and has successfully placed over 75 dogs into forever homes.

Her favorite breeds are Pit Bulls, Papillons, and Boston Terriers. She says we couldn’t get rid of her even if we tried, because Gemini Dogs is truly her second family! (And believe me, we never would let her go anyway!)


University Apprentice

Annie joined the Gemini Dogs team in September of 2019. She has spent over 6 years working with dogs in various capacities.

When she isn’t at Gemini Dogs, she likes to spend time hiking with her dogs and drawing. She even does a doodle of the “Gemini Dog of the Week” on the staff whiteboard each week.

Annie goes to many dog events and reads, reads, reads; she is a wealth of knowledge about all things dog-related!

Annie was raised in a family that fostered Greyhounds, so she has been around dogs her whole life. Her family was given a Labrador Retriever when Annie was in sixth grade, and about the same time, a neighbor moved in who was a Police K9 Handler; Annie began her serious interest in dogs by training her Lab to do tricks. When she later moved to Alabama, she promptly got a job at the Greyhound Racetrack and a Doggie Daycare & Board-N-Train facility, where she worked for 3 years. Annie also began working at a Wolfdog Rescue while in Alabama. When she moved to Florida, she worked in a Doggie Daycare as well.

Annie has two dogs – a Czechoslovakian Vlcak named Leica and a Karelian Bear Dog mix named Ren. Vlcaks are her favorite breed.

Annie has done cross-country dog transport of Sighthounds, including multiple trips from Birmingham, Alabama to Nova Scotia. She has also dabbled in wildlife rehabilitation. 

Annie is a member of the Czechoslovakian Vlcak Club of America (CSVCA). She has taken an Animal Behavior & Welfare course through Cornell University, among others. 


University Apprentice

Jacob has been with us since October 2021 and quickly impressed us with his skills and eagerness to learn. He was quickly promoted to shift supervisor and is now working with our University trainers as a training apprentice. He has a German Short Haired Pointer named Dutch.


University Apprentice