Full-Service Grooming Available:

  • Mondays with Gabriel  (any breed)

Bath & Nails Available:

  • Mondays with Gabriel
  • Thursdays & Saturdays with Rachel
  • Friday nights with Skylar for Boarding dogs (Services are performed before the dogs go to bed for the night!)


Please email grooming@geminidogs.com with any questions.

Click here to view our cancellation policies.

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Scroll down for Descriptions of our grooming services.

Please note: Bath & Grooming Services start at above prices.

Some breeds are not eligible for simple "Bath" pricing; certain dogs cannot be washed without a LOT of brushing and hand-drying, especially if they are matted. This depends on breed and condition of coat.

Dogs who require additional time:
Standard Poodles can range between $150-$170
Goldendoodles can range between $85-$140
Mini Doodles can range between $85-$120
Australian Shepherds can range between $95-$125
Bernese Mountain Dogs can range between $95-$180
Smaller Dogs are generally $75-$80, up to $100
Deep Conditioner add $10
De-Shedding add $20
Shavedowns (when a dog is very matted) can range between $130-$200+
When a dog's fur is closely matted to the skin,  the groomer has to bathe the dog and apply a special conditioner to loosen the fur so that they are able to slide the clippers underneath. Before they can shave the dog, the conditioner must be massaged in and sit for a period of time, then the dog  must be thoroughly rinsed and dried. All of this happens before the clippers can glide under the matted fur. The process of shaving matted fur can be stressful for the dog, so the groomer also needs to give them lots of breaks during the process itself. As you can imagine, this is quite a time-consuming process. Therefore, the price is higher.

How It Works

How Do I Set Up a Groom for My Dog?

1. Complete the online reservation form:

2. If needed, your groomer will contact you via email to discuss your dog and any special requirements, or if there are any questions. She may need to find an alternative time if your requested date is unavailable. You can also arrange for a phone call back if you would prefer. (Please note that the groomer cannot always take phone calls immediately, as she may have a dog in the tub or on the grooming table, so for the safety of our dogs, we will generally return your call if there are questions.)

3. We will book your appointment and get your reservation entered in our scheduling system.

4. You will receive an automatic email confirming the booking.

5. Drop your dog off at your scheduled grooming appointment time (or anytime after 6am on the day of your dog's groom if they are attending daycare.

6. Wait for a email from us, informing you that your dog's grooming is complete. Once you receive this email, your dog is ready for pick up. If your dog is a current daycare dog, feel free to pick up your dog at the doggie daycare anytime AFTER that pickup time, up until 10pm.You will incur a daycare charge if your dog stays over an hour after you are notified that your groom is complete.


Drop-Off & Pick-Up

If you are running late, please call us at 978-486-9922. More than 15 minutes late without notice is considered a no show/missed appointment. Refer to our cancellation policy for details. Please note, if your dog stays at daycare over an hour after we have called to tell you your pup is done, there will be a half or full day charge for daycare. Also, If your pup is dropped off long before your scheduled grooming time, you will be charged for a half day of daycare ($26). 

You will receive an email as well as a call from the groomer when your dog's groom is complete.

Please be aware:

  • We cannot promise a particular pickup time until the groomer actually starts working on the dogs. Grooming services can take between 3-5 hours.
  • For grooming and baths, always be prepared to have your doggie stay here beyond your normal pick-up time (full grooms may not be ready for pickup until 5pm). If you have requested a simple nail trim, you may pick up your dog as usual. 

  • Why? Sometimes we want to give your dog a break from all that standing and brushing and drying, so it can take what seems like a long time. 

*Please be prepared to spend a few extra minutes with us at drop-off, when you come in for your appointment. We will conduct a brief inspection of your dog which includes a look at your dog's:
  • Eyes, looking for any signs that may point to an underlying issue (eye infections, allergies,  etc.)
  • Ears, looking for swelling, discharge, tenderness, and/or a strong odor, all of which may point to an underlying issue.
  • Nose, checking for changes in color, texture, cracking, dryness, loss of pigmentation, scabs, or open sores, as well as any sensitivity or nasal discharge.
  • Mouth, looking for signs of decay in the teeth or potentially puffy gums.
  • Paw Pads, looking for any cracked pads or cuts/scrapes.
  • Skin & Coat, looking for any bumps, lumps, scrapes, hot spots, and any matting of the fur.
  • Undercarriage, looking for any red, irritated, or swollen skin.

Service Descriptions

Bath & Nails Starting at $50/$65/$75


  • Bath & Blow-Dry
  • Brush out
  • Ear check/clean
  • Nail trim

Full Groom Starting at $70/$100/$120


  • Bath & Blow-dry
  • Brush out
  • Ear check/clean
  • Paw balm & facial
  • An all-over haircut following either the AKC breed standard guidelines or tailored to your specific maintenance and lifestyle preferences, as specified in the Grooming Notes of your online reservation form.
  • Nail trim

Nail Trim $12
Each nail is clipped as short as possible with a pair of nail clippers (does not include filing the nails smooth).

Nail Trim & File $22
Each nail is trimmed with clippers and then smoothed & rounded with a motorized dremmel, which files them smooth.

De-Skunking Treatment $30
The smell just never seems to go away, right? Let us try a specialized blend of skunk shampoo!

Anal Gland Expression $25
Is your dog dragging his bum around? Our groomers can help them express their anal glands. 

A La Carte Services:

  • De-Skunking Treatment $30
  • Touch Of Color $10
  • Teeth Brushing $10
  • Nail Polish $10
  • Flea & Tick Prevention Shampoo $10
    *Never bring your dog into our facility with an active flea infestation*

Available Shampoos:

  • Papaya & Coconut
  • Oatmeal & Tea Tree
  • Spring Showers
  • Mandarin Citrus
  • Flea & Tick Prevention *Never bring your dog into our facility with an active flea infestation*

Meet our Groomers


Gabriel Martin


Gabriel is a Brazilian dog groomer, whose charisma and love for animals set him apart in his profession. With three years of experience, he has found his passion in caring for and beautifying the furry friends that come his way.


His contagious joy and ability to create bonds with animals make each grooming session not only an aesthetic experience but also a moment of affection and mutual care.


Gabriel is known for his dedication to understanding the individual needs of each animal, ensuring that they feel comfortable and happy throughout the process. His commitment to providing the best possible service, coupled with his warm smile, make him a beloved groomer by his four-legged clients and their owners.

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Rachel Legree


Rachel Legree has six years of experience in the grooming industry, and she loves working with pet parents to create the best grooming experience possible for their pets. She is Pet First Aid and CPR Certified as well. 

Rachel has spent her grooming career working in private salons, gaining hands-on experience in bathing, prep work for grooms, and trim work. Her hands-on training provides the additional benefit of having worked with a variety of grooming professionals to learn best practices and techniques for grooming.

Rachel has two amazing cockapoos at home, named Alf and Jasper, who she says, "Have taught me so much."


Skylar Kuczwara


*Please Note: Skylar's services are only available on Monday and Friday nights for boarding dogs.


Skylar is certified in PetSaver® CPR, First Aid & Care.


Skylar first worked at Gemini Dogs back in 2009 as a Kennel Tech, and was promoted to Assistant Manager before leaving to start her own family. She is now the Overnight supervisor.


Skylar has several years of experience as a bather/brusher, and is trained to do baths, brushing, nail trims, ear cleaning, ear plucking, and anal gland expression. She is training with our former groomer Jess to do full grooms.


Skylar has two little (human) girls, a Plott Hound named Danni and a Boxer mix named Priya. She enjoys spending time with her family and reading whenever she gets a quiet moment. Her favorite breed is anything in the Hound family.