Overnight boarding with 24-hour Supervision

We are not currently taking new applications for boarding. Please check back soon.

How It All Works

  • Flexible pick-up & drop-off available anytime between 6am-10pm every single day of the year.
  • Feel free to bring bedding and toys to make your dog's stay more comfortable.
  • Potty/playtime for 30 minutes every other hour between 9am-5pm.
  • We use crates for naptimes and overnight so your dog is always safe when resting.
  • We never have cancellation fees - cancel or adjust at anytime!
  • We accommodate special needs such as seizure disorders, activity restrictions, allergies, hot spots, and more, 
  • We do not have fees for administering meds.

Please note: we do NOT allow prong collars, e-collars, or retractable leashes in the building for any reason.


Please make sure your dog meets our requirements:

  • At Least 8 Weeks Old
  • A current Rabies Certificate for dogs over 6 months old
  • A Negative Fecal Exam (including Giardia)
  • Up-to-date on all regular shots as directed by your vet (we do accept titers)
  • Passed the evaluation during their tour
  • Attended a trial half day (dogs that have not attended daycare or boarding in over a year must attend another half day prior to boarding again)

Applications Closed
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How To Prep For Your Dog's Stay


All meals must be labeled completely and divided up by meal.  Each meal must be in a Ziploc bag (or any kind of locking bag-no plastic fold over bags) or a single serving container that shuts properly. This applies to all food, cans, and food that needs to be refrigerated. The proper way to label a food bag is in the example below.

Dogs first & last name

Sun 1/26/23


(Any special instructions)

If bags are not labeled correctly or separated by meal there will be a fee for each meal..

    • $1 for every bag that we must label or finish labeling
    • $2 for every meal we must bag ourselves and label if food is brought in a large container or bag.
    • $3 for every meal we must provide




Before a stay, we need to be informed what medications your dog is on, the dosage, and when they receive these medications. Please do not bag or separate these yourselves or place them in the meal bags (even if they are just supplements) as we have our own system to make sure the medications are done correctly. All medications must be in the original pill bottle stating the dog’s info and the prescriber’s instructions. You are welcome to write out any additional instructions for their medications or food, and we will hang it up for the daycare staff to review.

IMG-7258 (1)


All belongings must be labeled. We have a system of keeping all of the dog’s belongings together, but with longer stays, bedding and toys may be washed if they are dirtied by water, spilled food, etc. Labeling things ensures your pup is immediately reunited with his or her belongings after cleaning. All toys, blankets, slow feeders etc.. must be labeled with a sharpie or embroidery.

You are welcome to bring anything you think your pup may want while they are staying with us, as we want their stay to be as comfortable as possible. Some things we do not allow are: any type of bully sticks or raw hide chews, retractable leashes, chain collars, or prong collars. 


We require that all clients submit the boarding reservation form on our website to make reservations. This ensures we have all the information needed for their stay. If you are unable to get to a computer to complete the online registration, you may call and we will get back to you as soon as possible to make the reservation. As always, we do take in emergency or last-minute boarding drop offs- provided your dog is up to date on rabies vaccines and fecal testing. Please allow extra time at drop off for last minute boarding stays; we will have to pull up their file and verify all information.

Drop off/Pick up

With our top priorities being caring for your pups and ensuring they get outside for their playgroups safely and on time, please be patient with us at drop off. When you are dropping off, be sure to allow enough time to arrive and go over everything we need to know so we can answer each other’s questions completely and go over anything new.