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Current Class Offering

The following classes are currently being offered:

  • Tricks!
  • Impulse Control
  • Walking on Leash
  • Attention/Focus
  • Dog Sport Try-It
  • Confidence Building
  • Structured Hikes [April - October]
  • K9 Fitness

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Most classes are held in our Auditorium. See here for directions.


Structured Hikes:

     $25 per outing

Breed Handling:

     $120 for 4 weeks

All other classes:

     $150 for 4 weeks

We accept puppies as young as 8 weeks. There is no upper-age limit. Your dog is never too old to learn. You really can teach an old dog new tricks!

Medical Requirements:

  • Rabies Certificate (for dogs over 6 months)
  • Negative Fecal Test Results (including Giardia)
  • Up-to-date on all core vaccinations as recommended by their veterinarian

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Learn how to teach your dog almost any trick with the help of a clicker and our tricks class! Tricks are a great way to build the bond with your dog, expand their skillset, and work on your own skills as a handler. During the first 3 weeks of class, we will cover a variety of tricks that are on the list for the AKC Novice Trick Dog title. Tricks include roll over, on your bed, crawl, pushups, high five, take a bow, and spin in a circle. During the 4th week you will take the test for the AKC Novice Trick Dog title! Additional levels are offered for higher level Trick Titles.
Prerequisites: Either Puppy Preschool or Beginner Obedience. 

Confidence Building

This 4-week class will include elements of Nose Work, Agility, & Tricks to help build your pup's confidence in new situations. The pups will be searching for treats, going through obstacle courses, and working around other dogs.
Prerequisites: Either Puppy Preschool, Beginner Obedience, or Instructor Permission
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Impulse Control Workshop

Is your dog impatient, demanding, hyperactive, or bouncy? Maybe your dog is a developing adolescent or a very active adult. Having an overly excitable dog can be overwhelming and frustrating.
While we can't change our dog's temperament, we are able to use training methods to help our dogs develop the ability to remain calm and better self-regulate. As we set boundaries and create communication skills with our dogs, we help them to learn to be patient and to better control their emotions.
Through a series of games and exercises, this class will help you provide Fido an "off" switch and learn to control his impulses.

K9 Fitness

In this 4-week fitness foundation workshop you will learn how to evaluate the condition of your dog and where their strengths and weaknesses are. We will then perform exercises to help increase your dog's condition using various types of equipment and eventually design a circuit to help each dog work on their fitness.
Fitness or canine conditioning training:
  • Helps improve the overall quality of your dog's life
  • Helps maintain a healthy weight
  • Improves strength
  • Is a great way to sap energy when it is too hot or cold outside to run
  • Builds endurance and balance
  • Aids in performing better with fewer injuries, extend the dog's performance career (obedience, rally, agility, flyball, etc.)
  • Is psychologically healthy for the dog
  • Reduces hyperactivity and increases their ability to focus 
  • Reduces the risk of osteoarthritis in later years
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Do you find that your pup has a hard time hearing you or giving you much attention? 
Much of the behavior we deem “bad”  is rooted in where your dog’s attention is focused.  If they find a smell interesting they will pull the leash to get to it, if they find a leaf fun to chase, their recall might stink and if they can’t seem to focus on you, something else might have grabbed their attention.
Having strong attention from your dog will make for easy dog training, but how do you get that?
This attention class will help teach your dog to pay attention to you and have some fun at the same time.
Prerequisites: Beginner Obedience. 

Dog Sport Try-It

Are you interested in getting involved in a dog sport but aren't sure where to begin or what your dog might excel at? 


In this 4-week course, you and your dog can try out beginner levels of four different sports/activities: Agility, Rally, Tricks, and Nose Work.


Structured Hikes

*This class is seasonal (April- October)*
Each week we will go on a different adventure somewhere within a 15-minute radius of Gemini Dogs.
Our locations may be dog-friendly hiking trails or they may be a parking lot, downtown area, neighborhood, etc. The outings will be 40 minutes in length.
Dog and handler teams will practice their walking skills, recalls, friendly greetings, leave its, and more, as well as have the opportunity to ask the instructor questions.
Prerequisites: Intermediate Obedience or Instructor Permission. Please email training@geminidogs.com to obtain permission.