Dog Sports

Rally & Agility Skills - This is a preparatory class aimed at bridging the gap between Obedience class and Rally and/or Agility, preparing your dog for success in either sport. Some of the skills covered are:

  • Targeting
  • Circle stays
  • Two on - Two off
  • Fronts & Finishes
  • Rear-end awareness
  • Balance

Intro to Rally Obedience - Rally obedience is a sport in which dog and handler move through a numbered course. Depending on the level, there can be anywhere from 12-24 stations. Each station consists of a pace change, a stationary skill (such as a sit, down or stand), or a moving skill (serpentine through cones, 360 degree turn left, finish, about turns, etc…).

This class will primarily focus on the skills required for the novice levels of AKC and WCRL, but if requested we can also work on UKC, C-WAGS and/or Rally-Free. We will work on how to train individual skills, and short sequences of skills before doing a full course.

We have lots of fun in our rally classes, and even if you aren't interested in competition, it is a nice class to take for perfecting basic obedience and heeling skills.

Intro to Nose Work - This class will introduce dogs to the sport of Nose Work.  

Inspired by working detection dogs, Nose Work is a scenting activity for virtually all dogs and people. This sport is ideal for handlers and dogs of all abilities, sizes and ages. It builds confidence in dogs and helps keep dogs healthy and happy.

First we start by teaching your dog to sniff out a favorite toy or treat hidden in a box, eventually dogs search entire rooms, exterior areas, and vehicles as well as containers. Once dogs have learned how to search for the favorite food or toy, we introduce to target odors Birch, Anise, and Clove and then you can work towards competition if you so choose.

No pre-requisites for Nose Work at all -- no obedience required. Dogs of all ages (including puppies, handicapped dogs, all the way up to seniors) are encouraged to join. 

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