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Gemini Dogs is open 6:00am-10:00pm every day of the year, weekends and holidays included!

We are located in Littleton, MA on Rt 2A/110, just 1.5 miles west of Route 495. 

If you have never been to Gemini Dogs before, do not rely on your GPS; view these directions first!

Main Number:
(978) 486-9922

Main Email:

Owner Michelle Allen
(978) 387-3663

Manager Heidi Choirniere
(508) 826-7072

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Gemini Dogs: For All of Your Doggie Needs

Established in 1991, Gemini Dogs is one of the most well-respected and well-known dog centers in New England and is one of the largest dog facilities in Massachusetts. We provide outstanding dog training, doggie daycare, overnight boarding, and grooming for dogs of all shapes and sizes. At Gemini Dogs, we want to make sure that we provide your family with everything you need and help to make your life easier.

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24-hour Supervision: Doggie Daycare & Overnight Boarding

BayleeGemini Dogs offers doggie daycare and overnight boarding and can accommodate over 100 dogs in our climate-controlled daycare nap room. Our securely-fenced outdoor play area gives our guests plenty of room to stretch their legs, play, and make new friends during each visit.

Moms and Dads love us because there is always a staff member watching over their babies day and night, twenty-four hours a day. In fact, our overnight staff works through the night (getting ready for the next day while the doggies sleep) -- not many other kennels can say that!

Effective Training through Education and Positive Reinforcement

At Gemini Dogs, we emphasize the fun and love in everything we do by teaching positive reinforcement through clicker training. Our training methods are based on proven scientific theory, not trendy training methods or punishment like e-collars. We truly believe that training and behavior modification should be safe, enjoyable, and successful for both you and your dog!

Grooming and Pet Suppiles

Gemini Dogs provides grooming by appointment, as well as retail items such as collars, leads, educational materials, toys, mats, and food. Our knowledgeable staff is always available to help, whether you have questions on how to put on that new harness or need to know the best way to stop your puppy from nipping.

Thank you for becoming part of the Gemini Dogs family! Woof!

Gift Certificates

Get Bark Bucks!

Bark Bucks are available in denominations of $25, $50, and $100. You can purchase them at the Doggie Daycare (directions) 6am-10pm every day, or just call us at (978) 486-9922 anytime and order by phone! We're happy to mail them directly to your dog's pal, too! 

We were so excited when one of our regular Gemini Dogs called to ask about buying a special gift for her dog's best friend! How cute is that? We suggested Bark Bucks...the perfect gift for any dog. Your friends and family can use Bark Bucks for any service: doggie daycare, overnight boarding, grooming, or training. And what dog couldn't use a little extra fun in his life? You can give the wonderful gift of Bark Bucks to a friend, and introduce them to Gemini Dogs at the same time!

Any dog owner would be grateful for the opportunity to go away for the weekend, knowing that their dog is in good hands. You know we're the best, so why not share the love?

When you're ready to put together a great gift for those fellow dog lovers in your life, let us help you! We have a variety of toys and dog-related items, and we love to shop for doggie stuff! We would be honored to put together a little gift bundle for you! Just tell us about your dog's pal, and leave the rest to us. Let's stuff those stockings with Bark Bucks, from Gemini Dogs! There will be lots of happy pups on Christmas morning...

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