COVID-19 ALERT: Per the essential business list, the care of pets is a covered business, so we do plan to remain open for daycare and boarding, especially since we provide care for pets of folks who work in essential businesses. (We have confirmed with the town that it is okay to remain open.) We do ask that you make reservations online and/or email us at with an update regarding your dog's care needs, so that we can plan accordingly.

All training classes and grooming appointments will be postponed until further notice.

Our office is not staffed right now, so feel free to email or send a text to Mich at 978.387.3663 with any questions.

Waiting List Update: We are currently taking in new dogs under 30 lbs ONLY. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  If you have a small breed dog, please submit an application.  For large breed dogs, please check back in with us in the fall. *This does not apply to current daycare or boarding clients.*

Gemini Dogs: For All of Your Doggie Needs

Established in 1991, Gemini Dogs is one of the most well-respected dog care and training centers in New England and is one of the largest dog care facilities in Massachusetts. We provide outstanding dog training, doggie daycare, overnight boarding, and full-service grooming! At Gemini Dogs, we provide your family with everything you need to help to make your life easier. We are the most flexible and caring family that you will ever find!

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24-hour Supervision: Doggie Daycare & Overnight Boarding

Gemini Dogs offers doggie daycare and overnight boarding and can accommodate over 100 dogs in our climate-controlled daycare nap room. Our securely-fenced outdoor play area provides our guests plenty of room to stretch their legs, play, and make new friends during each visit.

Our facility is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Moms and Dads love us because there is always a staff member watching over their babies day and night.

Effective Training through Education and Positive Reinforcement

At Gemini Dogs, we emphasize the fun and love in everything we do by teaching through positive reinforcement methods. Our training methods are based on proven scientific theory. We truly believe that training and behavior modification should be safe, enjoyable, and successful for both you and your dog!

Thank you for becoming part of the Gemini Dogs family! Woof!