About Grooming at Gemini Dogs

We are happy to provide you with the following options for your grooming needs.

 A variety of full-service, professional grooming services are offered throughout the week (see schedule in the right-hand column) right here at the doggie daycare. 

 How Do I Set Up a Groom for My Dog?

  1. Complete the online reservation form:

    First-Time Clients: Make an appointment online

    Current Clients: Use our express form

  2. Jess will contact you to discuss your dog and your needs, if there are any questions.
  3. We will book your appointment and get your reservation entered in our scheduling system.
  4. You will receive an automatic email confirming the booking.
  5. Drop your dog off at anytime after 6am on the day of your dog's groom if they are staying for daycare. If just for grooming, drop off at scheduled grooming appt. time.
  6. Wait for a email from us informing you that your dog's grooming is complete and they are ready for pick up.

If your dog is a current daycare dog, feel free to pick up your dog at the doggie daycare anytime AFTER that pickup time, up until 10pm. (Feel free to pack a dinner for your pooch; we are happy to feed meals anytime!)

There will be a normal daycare charge if your dog stays an hour or more after you are notified that your groom is complete.

Get To Know The Groomer!


Jess started working in the daycare in February 2015 and took seminars and classes to learn how to groom dogs when she discovered that we needed a groomer. Her customers loved her haircuts! She quickly rose through the ranks to become our Daycare Manager in November 2016. She had to stop grooming in Jan 2018, as her managerial duties required it. In July 2019, she returned to grooming again! She has two cats, Ichabod and Naked Kitty (a Sphynx), and an Australian Shepherd named Bear. Her favorite dog breeds are Vizslas and German Shorthaired Pointers. She has been to many seminars by renowned trainers, vets, and behaviorists in the industry. She couldn’t imagine any other place to spend her days than at Gemini and is so happy to have her Gemini Family.


What Jess offers:



An AKC standard cut or modified version specifically for your dog's breed



A cut based on your lifestyle to keep your pup clean and beautiful



A bath, hand dry and brush out for a shiny, healthy coat



Flea and tick therapy
De-shed treatment
Nail grinding/filing
Touch of color


Questions and Answers:



Booking regular grooms for your dog is not only important to maintain a healthy coat, but is also important in order to provide your dog with a grooming experience that is positive. A dog that comes in for a long overdue groom has a much longer groom than one who is coming in on schedule.




Prices vary depending on breed and what is required in order to send your dog out looking it's best. Prices are based on breed/coat/size but generally:

baths start at $46 + 

grooms start at $56 +


de-matting: $1 per minute

de-shedding treatment: $5 - $20

specialty shampoos: $6

handstripping: $1 per minute

brush out ONLY (in between grooms): $1 per minute

nail trim ONLY (in between grooms): $10

 Bruno A

Charlie Nolet

Emma & Lola Conveo

Baxter R

Cisco M

Snow plow guy

Papito K

Mack Pyrro