What's the Right Age?

We accept dogs in agility only after they have reached 9 months of age. This is because your dog's bones are not fully-developed yet, and we don't want to strain their growing bodies.

There is no upper age limit. Your dog is never too old to learn. You really can teach an old dog new tricks!

Upper-level agility classes require that you and your dog complete the previous class. 


Cost varies according to class, but are typically $150 per 6-week session.

Please do not bring your dog on a flexible (retractable) leash.

These leashes can be dangerous to both humans and dogs if used incorrectly. Anyone who has been flexi-burned can vouch for that! We have six-foot nylon leashes available for purchase in case you need one.

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Agility Classes

We have ongoing and year-round Agility classes that can take you through advanced training for competition or that can just enable you to just have fun with your dog. We try to keep our classes at a 5-to-1 student/teacher ratio.

Your dog may start agility at 9 months of age; however, your dog's bones are not fully developed at that point, so for the safety of your dog, he will be restricted from participating in certain exercises. If your dog is younger than 9 months, contact michelle@geminidogs.com to ask what class you could do in the meantime to prepare your pup for agility.


  • Your dog should have basic obedience skills including the ability to respond to basic commands like sit, down, stand (easy to teach if you don't already know it), stay, coming when called, and walking on a loose leash. All of these are with treats...as long as your dog is willing to work for food, you should be all set!

If you have any questions about whether your dog is ready for agility, please contact us.

There are several levels of agility:

Please note that we occasionally skip a week due to conflicts with other events. Therefore the 6-week course may not be held during 6 consecutive weeks. Your instructor will inform you if she will be away during your class.

Registering for Class

To secure your spot in class, just sign up online and come to class! We appreciate pre-payments, but they are not required. You may pay the instrictor at the first class with either a check (made payable to Gemini Dogs) or with a credit card or cash.