Our Staff

Our doggie daycare and boarding staff works hard to make your dog's stay a safe, healthy, and fun one.


  • Michelle Allen & Penny Allen


  • Heidi Choirniere 
    Doggie Daycare & Boarding Manager
  • Skylar Kuczwara 
    Doggie Daycare & Boarding Assistant Manager
  • Nancy Basley
    Training Coordinator


Kennel Staff:

  • Amy Nguyen
  • Cami Rogers
  • Cody Brooks
  • Cory Puntoni
  • Jayna Tamir
  • Jenna Whalen
  • John Dwelly
  • Jonathan Howard
  • Joey Solimini
  • Michelle Doucette
  • Toni Bryan
  • Kelly Hall-Daigneault

We are proud to say that we have some of the finest instructors and staff members around! Keep checking back as we add more info and pictures of our staff and their animals.


  • Kim Lewis Instructing since 2008, Kim has been with us since 2005. Having grown up on a horse farm, she has also worked as a vet assistant and as a animal shelter volunteer. She and her Yellow Lab, Maggie Mae (CGC, RL1, WC), compete in rally, agility, hunting, and obedience, and hope to give dock-diving a try too! Kim and her Australian Cattle Dog, Wyle E. Coyote (RL1), also compete in rally and agility. Kim now hosts Barn Hunt activities at Gemini Dogs as well!
  • Michelle Allen Instructing since 2008, Michelle is the owner of Gemini Dogs. Michelle has participated in numerous dog training seminars and workshops in the New England area and is a CGC and STAR Puppy Evaluator, as well as a disaster services volunteer with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), United Animal Nations (UAN), State of Massachusetts Animal Response Team (SMART), and the Central Massachusetts Disaster Animal Response Team (CMDART).

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What Is Gemini Dogs?

Mich and Tyler
Established in 1991, Gemini Dogs is one of the most well-respected and well-known dog centers in New England and is the largest dog facility in Massachusetts. We provide outstanding dog training, doggie daycare, overnight boarding, and grooming for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Michelle Allen acquired Gemini Dog Training & Daycare in July 2006 from the previous owner, whom she had worked with for years. Michelle added overnight boarding services and started the transition to the Gemini Dogs of today.

Learn more about the 2006 transition of Gemini Dogs here!

Since Michelle already knew the ins and outs of the 15-year-old business after having been the Office Manager for six years, she jumped at the chance to make an already great place even better. That experience, plus having run her own home-based boarding kennel, the Dog Day Dream Inn, for over 5 years, made the decision to buy Gemini an easy one. Michelle now runs day-to-day affairs and teaches classes. Michelle's doggies include Dancer (RIP), Tyler (RIP), Sky, Tigger, Baxter, Solee, and Hemi. Feel free to email Michelle with any questions or comments. We look forward to serving you and your pup!

0609 mich dancer smEffective Training through Education and Positive Reinforcement

At Gemini Dogs, we emphasize the fun and love in everything we do by teaching positive reinforcement through clicker training. Our training methods are based on proven scientific theory, not trendy training methods or punishment like e-collars. We truly believe that training and behavior modification should be safe, enjoyable, and successful for both you and your dog!

We believe in continued education for all of our trainers through programs such as educational conferences, seminars, videos, and the latest published information. Our staff members are also members of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), a national organization that believes that all dogs are effectively trained through dog-friendly techniques and therefore are lifelong companions in a relationship based on mutual trust and respect.

In addition, many of our instructors are Certified Pet Dog Trainers (CPDTs). This certification process was started by the APDT and is now a stand-alone operation. Tests are administered by a nationally recognized certification testing organization. Our in-house Assistant-In-Training program is another way in which we educate our team and develop the instructors of tomorrow.

24-hr Doggie Daycare and Overnight Boarding

Gemini Dogs offers doggie daycare and overnight boarding and can accommodate over 50 dogs in our climate-controlled daycare nap room. Our securely-fenced outdoor play area gives our guests plenty of room to stretch their legs, play, and make new friends during each visit.

Moms and Dads love us because there is always a staff member watching over their babies day and night, twenty-four hours a day. In fact, our overnight staff works through the night -- not many other kennels can say that!

Grooming and Pet Suppiles

Gemini Dogs provides grooming by appointment, as well as retail items such as collars, leads, educational materials, toys, mats, and food. Our knowledgeable staff is always available to help, whether you have questions on how to put on that new harness or need to know the best way to stop your puppy from nipping.

Thank you for becoming part of the Gemini Dogs family! Woof!